I’ve had this simple idea for a little while but not the time to create it.
Well enough was quite enough. It is an easy-to-make table, ideal for a first-timer trying to bring a little bit of the outdoors indoors (touch wood).
It is still not finished yet, but see below for how it’s taking shape…

Luckily there is a great little wood cutting place near where I live. And no, I do not live in 100 Acre Wood (far from it on the East London/Essex border) but there’s proof right there that there’s something around every corner, you just have to look for it.

Here’s the steps so far….

Pick a stump that you like, I looked more at the little nooks and crannies as this will be crucial at the embellishment stage when the table is complete. I also went for a stump that wasn’t too big (they get even heavier when the table top is on) and one with minimal damage. This meant all it needed was a brush with some soft bristles to wipe away any moss or creepy crawlies and a coat of vegetable oil, as recommended by the wood cutters as sealant. I’m not 100% sold on this, it made the stump top go very dark, luckily I am covering with a top anyway, but I wasn’t a fan. I opted to use a satin varnish for the top to preserve the colour instead. Whichever varnish/sealant you wish to use, try on a test patch before you commit if possible.

Now to add the tabletop…
I found this nifty contraption which allows you to align the top and slot the top down. Say no to dowel joints!
No chalk? Fear not, Barry M is on the case to mark the drill holes…

And now the fun can really begin…
The main creative flash behind this project was to play with flashes of colour and light. Staying true to the grain of the stump I am going to work rosegold and gold leaf into the cracks and then for more detail will secure tiny gemstones into other stump grains. These will not be immediately obvious to the eye, but I like the idea of that. In the right light and when the table is positioned correctly, or walked around, you will see something new. I think there is something quite endearing about this piece, well I am hoping it will turn out this way when complete.

Sneak peak below, the first of many….



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