Beautiful coloured coasters made from agate slices, transformed to hold your most precious china.

I’ve made these for my friend who has just moved into her first home, they make great gifts if you’re looking to give something personal and unique.

I purchased my Agate slices from Amazon, they are also available to buy from Ebay and Etsy. They come in an assortment of colours and sizes but you will need the large size for them to be a suitable to hold a mug. Be careful not to make my mistake when ordering, I thought I was buying 6 slices per colour, but the photos were misleading and I ended up with only one per colour, so make sure to read the order carefully before clicking to buy!

I purchased some liquid gold leaf to paint around the edge of the agate slices, this gives them a nice professional touch and unifies the coasters if you are making a set comprising an assortment of colours (a la my happy accident by ordering only one slice per colour). The liquid leaf also comes in different metal shades such as rose gold and brass which will work just as well.

Simply add some self adhesive pads to the base of the slices to raise them slightly from the surface you will be placing them on, I ended up using some rubber drawer stoppers from B&Q, but you can get similar alternatives from most local hardware shops

And there you have it. Super easy to make, but they look great, especially when there are some crystal minerals left in the slices. Excited to wrap these up for my friend!


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