Rockin’ Debut

I finally went to my first Rock, Gem and Bead show. Held in the famous Kempton Park Racecourse, my eyes were set to burst with the beauties that lie ahead, whilst my purse hid and silently quivered from within my bag. Luckily on hand was my genius gem tutor, Andrew. His top tip is to never buy something because of the value, but to buy because you love it. With that I was off, time to start my own collection…

I started with a whip round of the show, trying on rings, talking to people at the stands and generally ogling and ahhing.




And then I saw it. An electric blue flash housing hundreds of tiny crystals. I knew it was going to be mine. But it was my first show, I had to play cool and not purchase too quickly incase there was another wonder around the corner. So back I ventured to my search to begin my gem and rock collection…

More gems, more sparkles, a microscope to take a closer look, and of course, one of my favourites, labradorites.

One of my favourites from the Feldspar group, the labradorite.

Whilst on the hunt, a familiar looking item caught my eye. When I was in Peru I bought a silver heart with mini silver like crystals. I didn’t know when I bought mine that it’s called Pyrite and Peru is one of the main locations where it is found. As the man at the stall told me, and if you believe in the spiritual power of stones, Pyrite can help deal with fear and shield from negativity – so perhaps one to keep in the back pocket.

Some Pyrites on display.

Still with the electric blue beauty in the back of my mind, I was momentarily sidetracked… this time by 2 silver rings, one adorned with a chunky moonstone, the other with, you guessed it… labradorite. I had to get this pair. What I love about the moonstone ring is the pear drop shape which elongates my small fingers and the dreamy blue it shines in the different lights. Both moonstone and labradorite are from the Feldspar family and the rings compliment each other like 2 perfect crystal peas in a silver pod.

But I could not avoid the inevitable.

I needed that hunk-a-chunk of blue crystal in my life and I needed it now.
What made the purchase even more satisfying were the pair who sold it to me. From our chat and the content on their display, fossils were their main speciality. They spend hours and hours of sheer dedication and high-level craftsmanship to carefully extract pieces of history. What’s more, they even threw in a free stand so I could display my purchase in all its glory.

And here is the beauty. Titanium Quartz Geode. I simply call her the start of more to come…

With the Pyrite and Amethyst I bought in Peru.

I had a lot of fun at my first rock and gem show, I fear it will become an addictive hobby!
See the Rock’n’Gem site for more tour dates, there’s another show in Kempton on the 1st week of August so you can go and get started on your own collection!

If you liked the sound of some of the above, find out more using the links below:

Speak to the fossil experts themselves and maybe grab yourself your own titanium geode

– Learn and purchase spiritual stones at Spiritual Planet. Speak to Jan who told me all about my Pyrite

– See where I purchased my new favourite every day rings


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