Smashing time at the Indytute

Perfect to distract from the realties of the working week, make like a bull in the heart of Shoreditch and grab a china set to personalise with quirky and fun transfers. This class is straightforward enough to enjoy with a glass of wine, however do not be fooled! Faced with the decision of lips, birds, bugs, donkeys, cats, letters and more, the creative possibilities become endless and some how it feels like the choices you make here will carry severe life-shattering consequences…

Laid bare at the entrance is the fine choice of china, everyone politely tries to grab the best bits and I’m feeling quietly smug with my sky blue teacup and plate set and quietly creatively stumped by my flowery wavy edged plate

I tackle the plate first with the best artistic defense I can find: butterflies. First cutting out the images and testing the layout before I commit

I’m feeling like it’s not really working quite as I envisage in my mind so shift my focus instead to my teacup and plate set.

For this the stars have aligned, the skies open and the birds begin to sing – all becomes clear. What this set needs is a bird romance scene, of course. Here you see my starring flying creatures being tried for size

The transfers are submersed in water until the transfer separates from the backing card

For the inside I opt for an underwater scene, which every part of me thoroughly enjoys

All in all I’m really happy with my teacup and plate set: 2 love birds at the front, 2 gossip birds at the back, fish obliviously swimming in the centre and a secret squashed bug as the plate centrepiece. Sounds like the beginning of the next Disney/Pixar film (and no that wasn’t an insider spoiler). What I also like is that the transfers have a really nice transparency to them which allows the wear and tear marks of the china to shine through and make it look as though the transfers have actually been printed onto the teacup and plate. This set will be perfect for holding bracelets or rings, or even used as a candle or small flower pot holder.

On the other hand I must admit that the butterfly scene did not quite work as well. I ended up peeling them all off and opting for the fail safe donkey option instead. No butterfly transfer is making an ass of me.

A big thanks to my fabulous colleague Shira who invited me along and showed how it was done with her amazing lip set, photoed at the top of the post. I highly recommend having a go, it is the perfect mid-week activity and a nice change to spending £20 on jugs of Pimms (that’s what Friday’s are for, afterall). Book for yourself on the Indytute site (Vintage China Upcycling) or find another session, there’s plenty to choose from (I have my eye on the Terrarium session next…) but be quick as the classes book up quickly!

Smashing indeed.


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