“Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy.”

It felt fitting to title with a Walt quote. After 3 incredible years of working at The Walt Disney Company, last week I hung up my ears and walked past the giant crystal adorned Mickey which has greeted me every day and waved me goodbye every evening. I’ve created so many amazing memories that will stay with me forever and have been lucky enough to work with some hugely talented and dedicated people, who I have learnt loads from and formed great friendships with.

My last day was completely overwhelming, my colleagues were amazing and put together a suprise video featuring an edited, tonally perfect rendition of Let It Go (I’ve re-watched it a trillion times just to focus on different faces… try not to smile when you view here). As if that wasn’t enough I also got a bracelet engraved with ‘Sparkle Always Sam’, personalised jewellery is without a doubt my favourite and this is something I will wear every day to remind me of the best team in the world and the best few years I’ve experienced at Disney. To top it off I got the prettiest book (pictured underneath my bracelet, below) filled with photos and messages from my team. I even got a Beast doll – for people who know what I hide at the back of my cupboard this is a MAJOR deal (thanks Yolande!!!). I couldn’t have wished for a better last day and am so thankful that I have worked alongside people who have supported me day in day out, made me laugh loads and helped me get to this next stage in my career.

I’m not really sure how I didn’t cry during the presentation (I promise I’m not actually Elsa…) but sure enough everything came flooding out unexpectedly when I may have had 1 or 27 drinks and had to say goodbye to my manager Gwenaelle. Thanks to lashings of foundation and Marie’s make-up mastery I was masked to look like my usual self again, then we continued the night heading into the depths of Shoreditch until finally crashing out at 5am. I would say a pretty good celebratory end.

Now I have a 2 week break until I start the next chapter in my career and I’m feeling an even measure of excitement and sheer terror for what lies ahead.

Either way I have had the most amazing experience at Disney and cannot be more grateful and proud of being part of the boundary and imagination pushing Disney Infinity team; launching 1, 2 and 3.0 and working with Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Lucas. I’m really going to miss working with the amazing people I’ve joined forces with across the US, EMEA and UK so much. Here’s to the sparkly path leading me back one day.

And as Walt said himself…

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”

Lets hope he’s right!


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