Ruby & Mahogany is an outlet to help explore and inspire.

So why Ruby & Mahogany?
I am currently studying a degree  in Gemmology (this is where Ruby comes into play), Ruby & Mahogany serves as a revision holding pen, allowing me to list quick facts and catalogue what I have learnt so far in the hope that they will miraculously embed into my mind. Ruby is also my birth stone. Although apparently the true gemmologists among us do not believe in such ‘birth stones’. I’m not qualified yet, so for now, I will claim ignorance and be distracted by sparkly objects…

But why Mahogany? Well. I just love furniture. Making it, admiring clever craftsmanship, I just like wood… Mahogany is my favourite. I love the colour and it seemed to suit Ruby oh so well. Ruby & Mahogany will showcase some projects I’ve been working on in the Builds tab and will hold a feed of images that inspire me to make more and trigger new and exciting ideas. I hope they will for you too, just check out the inspiration feed.

I want to learn, inspire others, inspire myself. There’s just so many clever, beautiful things out there and my iPhone does not have enough storage to hold all of my photos and screenshots, so enter Ruby & Mahogany.

There’s a bit of escapism in every day life, you just have to look for it…

I hope you enjoy,


Some of you may have noticed that it’s actually a fire opal in my header image. I love the beauty of opals and a header image of ruby’s and mahogany was just a bit too obvious for my liking. Just a little gem scandal..


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