My Israel Experience

For years I’ve wanted to experience Israel first-hand and thanks to Taglit-Birthright I was able to start my adventure. Not only did I get to travel with a 40 strong group of amazing people from across the UK, US and Israel, who I now know as friends, but I also got to taste, see, smell and learn about an incredible country with a tapestry of history and stories which will stay with me forever. Hidden between it all were charming cultural lanes bursting with colour, amazing food and you guessed it… gems. So here’s my jewellery journey.

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More than good; The Biennale

Yesterday I journied to one of London’s most iconic and luxurious destinations, Harrods, venturing in on the very last day of The Biennale exhibition. I had a one on one tour with a rouge lipped, immaculately dressed guide, who tested me on my gem knowledge as we discussed Dior’s pink sapphires, to an endearing tale of how the famous diamond marquise cut came to be…. during the eighteenth century in France, King Luis XV commissioned a diamond that would be cut to resemble the lips of his lover, Marquise de Pompadour. Her smile has been eternalised by a diamond cut for ever more. Quite lovely. Get me to the King!

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